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Executive Producer


For over 20 years, Steve has been making award winning television. During his career he has worked in every aspect of production - working his way up to Executive Producer. Steve has helped create over 500 hours of television with content partners including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Discovery Channel, TruTV, CMT, Spike, G4 and others.




Joe Walser has decades of film production experience and works as a feature film Art Director and Production Designer.  Joe’s professional background and team building skills, not to mention his relentless quest for uncompromising accuracy and loyalty to the Back to the Future franchise made him the perfect candidate for the restoration - and for this film.




In his 17 year career, Josh has worked in almost every medium including radio, television, film, and web content.   Josh has produced content in association with companies including Universal, Disney, ABC, ESPN, LucasFilm, Marvel and more.  Josh has also directed numerous documentaries and web series, including several for Disney.


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